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Hello and welcome to TS3 Custom!  This site will be used to host custom maps for Time Splitters: Future Perfect.  Any and all contributions will be accepted that follow the simple guidelins, so get out there and make some maps!  I will have Story Mode levels in a different section than Multi-Player levels, so you can easily find any type of map you are looking for.  I hope everybody can use and enjoy this site as much as I will!
As you can see, TS3 Custom is quickly becoming larger.  I am trying to put the maps in different sections so you can find them easier, so if you have submitted any maps to TS3 Custom, please tell me which ones they are and how to classify them (click on Multi-Player Maps and look at the map categories at the top if you need to know what they are).  You can either post on the TS3 Custom Message Boards or E-Mail me.  As soon as I get this information, I will add it to the category.
Thanks, -Biohazard-

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